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How to Make a Car Curtain DIY

  • Friday, 10 June 2022
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How to Make a Car Curtain DIY

If you own a car, you probably already know the benefits of a car curtain diy You can keep roving eyes and thieves out of your car by covering its interior with one. But did you know that you can make one yourself? This DIY project is actually quite simple, and even an average person can do it! In fact, many people have made their own car curtains, and they love them! Read on to learn how to make one yourself!

First, find a lightweight fabric that is easy to curtain diy You can use a heavy-duty vinyl or even a lightweight fabric, but be sure to test it before you attach it to the van's windows. Another option is to attach the window curtain to the headliner. Using adhesive magnets will work well, but you can also attach a curtain with velcro. Be sure to check the strength of the fabric before installing it, because sticky velcro can clog your sewing machine.

Next, measure the length of the curtain. For side back windows, you should use long, spring-loaded rods. They should be slightly longer than the picture above. Then, zip-tie them through the center hole. You should use larger industrial-strength zip-ties on both sides of the cargo hook. You may need to trim the extra ends of the zip-ties so they won't cause damage. To make sure the curtain is securely in place, you should follow these tips when choosing a material.

A car curtain can be made out of repurposed sheets or fabric sold by the yard. You can either use premade curtains or purchase pre-made ones. In case of the latter, you will need to determine the cost of the material, as re-use of old sheets or fabric bought in bulk will cost more. When purchasing premade curtains, make sure to consider the fabric weight. Heavy fabrics are difficult to stick to the window with adhesive velcro.

The final step is to sew the curtain using picture wire. Cut a piece of fabric so that it is double-layered. This will make it easier to pull when open or closed. Fold over the cut edges and sew them in place. Remember not to stitch through the edges, as the wire will be hidden behind the curtains. In case you have trouble closing the tunnels, you can always use picture wire. This is an excellent DIY car curtain project.

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