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Folding Car Sun Shade

  • Wednesday, 04 May 2022
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Folding Car Sun Shade

A Folding Car Sun Shade is an excellent promotional giveaway item for an auto dealership.folding car sunshade Besides being practical, it also features a reflective fabric and silver coating for UV protection. It folds easily for storage and can be customized with a logo or company name. Once installed, the sun shade can provide a high level of protection from the sun. The suction cups on the foldable car sunshade secure it in place.

Whether you park your vehicle facing the sun or park it in an awning, a sun shade can protect the interior of your car from UV rays and extreme temperatures. They fit inside the windshield and block a large portion of the sun's UV rays. Although it may seem tricky to fold these auto sun shades, it becomes a breeze once you practice. Make sure to fold it before putting it away to avoid warping.

When you are done using the sun shade, fold it as much as possible. Place two hands on the top half, thumbs facing up. Use your other hand to rotate the right hand in the direction of the left, and vice-versa. The fold will form a circle on both ends. Ensure that the fold is secure, otherwise, the shade might pop open and hit you in the face. That's why you should always store the folding car sunshade in a safe place.

You can purchase a folding car sunshade at a local automotive shop, online or through a mail order company. These are available in various designs and sizes. You can customize your shade to fit your car model. If you want a sunshade that fits the inside of your car, check out the Intro-tech brand, which offers a variety of custom shades for your vehicle. There are also many popular colors and sizes to choose from.

Generally speaking, car sun shades are a great way to protect passengers from the heat produced by the sun. They reduce the inside temperature of parked cars, while protecting passengers from harmful UV rays. In fact, sunlight can heat the dashboard of a dark car to 69 degrees Celsius in 60 minutes. This temperature is too hot for humans to handle. A folding car sunshade can save you from this unpleasant situation.

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