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Choosing a Side Curtain For Car

  • Thursday, 07 July 2022
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Choosing a Side Curtain For Car

If you have decided to add a side curtain to your car, you should keep several important things in mind.side curtain for car First, you should know that the side curtain is not a regular airbag. In addition to that, it may have an airbag inflator. These are usually located near the roof rail or quarter glass. Remove the side curtain carefully. Then, inspect the rest of the car for defects. If these are obvious, you can probably ignore installing a side curtain.

In the 1970s, aftermarket side curtains were available.side curtain for car They were manufactured by J. C. Whitney and were incredibly ugly compared to the original. The frames were made of aluminium and had a wide rubber strip around the top. The lower flap was plastic and secured to the door with Dzus or Tenax fasteners. The arms were also made of aluminium, and acorn nuts held the curtains to the frames. The problem with these side curtains was that the front and rear windows would slide out of place.

A side curtain is also an effective barrier for occupants, preventing them from being ejected from the car.side curtain for car Although the seatbelts prevent ejection, they can still force a person's arms and legs out of the car through the windows. Luckily, a side curtain has several benefits that greatly reduce this risk. For one thing, the side curtain will keep out metal, broken glass, and other crash debris, minimizing the risk of injuries.

After you've chosen the material and style of your new side curtain, you can have it rebuilt at The Roadster Factory. It's best to ship your old side curtain frames to the Roadster Factory in Armagh, PA. The Factory will rebuild the side curtain for you and can match the original colour and material. Make sure to note the colour and type of vinyl you wish to use for the top. To ensure the durability of the new side curtain, make sure to protect the silver paint.

If you've chosen the side curtain for your car, you must first determine whether it fits your car's window. There are two types: fixed and sliding side curtains. Fixed ones have a front window that is fixed while sliding ones have a window that slides open. The fixed window has a curved handle on the front that makes opening and closing it much easier. The TR3A and TR3B side curtains use special rivets to secure their lower area to the door.

Another important aspect of car airbags is the cost-benefit ratio. Using a side curtain air bag can reduce the risk of injury to the upper arm, which is the third most common type of soft tissue injury during a collision. The cost of treatment in these severe cases can be high, requiring lengthy hospital stays and extensive skin grafts. These types of injuries are often severe enough that they require partial or complete amputations.

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