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Car Window Tinting - Pros and Cons

  • Thursday, 30 September 2021
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Car Window Tinting - Pros and Cons

One way that car owners can keep their interiors neat and tidy is by using a car curtain Curtain can add a professional look to the cars and also protects the car from dust, sunshine, etc. There are two types of car drapes available, namely, folding car drapes and curtain rods.

Hand-sewn car drapes with magnetic strips in the fold-down seam will work very curtain The benefits are quite obvious: little visible magnets are hardly noticeable. The magnets used in these kinds of drapes are strong enough, but not so powerful as to cause damage to the fabric if you intend to take it off for cleaning. Moreover, the car curtain is pulled so tightly into the frame that no outside light enters the car interior.

Longer drapes and especially the sliding-track drapes are made of thick fabric, which helps in blocking out the external light. The best part is that the internal lights are not affected even when the curtains are drawn all the way down. Therefore, they provide greater protection to your interior. In fact, some manufacturers guarantee that the curtains can retain the entire original color of the vehicle up to a year.

However, it is not the magnets that ensure the proper functioning of the car curtain. They are responsible for the proper alignment of your windows. This is because the magnets allow the windows to slide smoothly along the track and prevent the windows from bumping into each other. It is the sliding action of windows that prevent the interiors from looking too bulky. This is exactly what is required to give the interiors a spacious and airy look.

One can find all sorts of curtains that come equipped with the magnets. However, those made from pleated fabric are the best options as these help in maintaining a neat appearance while blocking the most abrasive of dust particles. In addition to this, they allow the curtains to slide easily along the track. One can even get custom-made curtains that have their company logo printed on the fabric. This will help to promote the brand name and enhance the visibility of the business.

All said and done, the best part is that the use of curtain is not at all difficult. It does not require special skills or knowledge and can be installed within a few hours' time. However, there are certain disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration before using the frame curtains in order to avoid any negative effect on the interiors. The main disadvantage is that they tend to look very sloppy once they start rubbing against each other. This makes them highly undesirable for those looking to give their interiors a classy and elegant look.

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