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2 Piece Car Window Curtain Sunshade

  • Monday, 01 August 2022
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2 Piece Car Window Curtain Sunshade

A 2 piece car window curtain sunshade can protect your dashboard and leather seats from ultraviolet rays, which can cause serious damage to car electronics. This accessory will also keep your car's interior cool, preventing cracks on your dashboard. You can install these curtains horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Each shade is 28" wide and 31" long. It is easy to install and comes with a Velcro strap for fastening.

A typical 2 piece car window curtain sunshade is made of polyester and measures twenty-one by fourteen inches. These shades are made to fit your windshield perfectly, and will typically cost less than $20. They usually come in a rectangle shape, made of fabric or a combination of plastic and fabric. Some sun shades come with a warning label stating that they should not be used while driving, which is another benefit.

These sunshades are easy to install, and are easy to take off. The mesh material blocks 90 percent of sunlight and keeps your back seat cool. They also protect your untinted windows. Because they're made of mesh material, these sunshades are easy to install and uninstall, so you can focus on driving. The magnets can attach to your steel side window frame. The sunshade is designed to stretch with your car's shape and is packed in a bag to make installation easy.

Standard car shades have a rectangular shape that fits most vehicles. They are also compatible with most standard cars, mid-sized SUVs, trucks, and minivans. A two-piece car window curtain sunshade is a popular choice among car owners, and can be found for less than $100. It's best to read reviews online before buying a sun shade, and post your questions on forums to find the best fit.

Extra-large models are also available. These shades are more than 57 by 31 inches and feature a silver polyester outer layer that blocks heat and UV rays. They can fold in half for smaller vehicles, and come with a storage bag. A steering wheel cover is also included as a bonus. If you choose to buy one of these sun shades, you'll be glad you did. They are inexpensive and can keep your windshield shade protected all year long.

A 2 piece car window curtain sunshade can protect your dashboard and steering wheel from harmful UV rays. A well-designed sunshade can lower the temperature inside your car by 40 degrees in the summer. They can be made of fabric or vinyl and fit any car's windshield. Because they are universally-sized, you can install one on one side of your dash and another on the other side. A good idea is to measure the space between your windshield and your car's dashboard before buying one.

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