Car Sunshade

car side window sunshade

During a car trip, the sun can be a real trouble. It will shine on your child's face and make them feel warm and excited. More importantly, sunlight can also be harmful to children's sensitive eyes and skin. At Wedoi, we have a variety of car window shades and blinds that can block unwanted ultraviolet rays and keep your children comfortable and cool.

With a variety of accessory options, from suction cups to fast-fitting static sun blinds, you will find a choice that suits your car window and prevents the sun from sneaking through. If you are looking for longer-lasting fixtures, we offer roll-up sunshades that open on cloudy days, which means that in our unpredictable summer, you don’t have to pull down the sunshades all the time and put them back.

Wedoi is a customized car side window shade, tailor-made according to the window size of each car, multi-purpose and more fitting.

Designed for long-term-short-term parking conditions, travel time and daily use. From cabin protection to the lowest temperature in the car, Wedoi has it all.

Custom Car Sunshade

Suitable for everyone

The most notable feature of Wedoi car side window shade is its Snap-On mechanism, which allows users to install and remove the shade without any additional tools, magnets, suction cups or any other assistance. Robust and reliable-very suitable for daily use.

High quality

The No. 12 wire frame is customized in the most precise way, surrounded by the best quality polyester cloth, wrapped in a soft storage bag, completely free of charge. Wedoi car side window blinds are very popular all over the world.

Unparalleled protection

Protect yourself and your loved ones with features such as anti-glare, heat control, privacy protection, and UV protection. Wedoi's working principle is to use a high-quality polyester screen, which can block the sun from outside while allowing you to see from inside the car.